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The Opposite of Spoiled Thumbnail

The Opposite of Spoiled

I heard about this book and immediately had to pick it up.  I read it cover to cover to better understand what has worked in teaching kids how to better respect what money really is – a tool.  Over the years I feel like I have read many books about teaching kids how to save money, or spend it or even give it away.  But I found that the vignettes of this book opened my mind to the many different ways that kids can relate to money, and at what age it is most appropriate to bridge the conversation.  It also pointed out just how different parents are in their own perception of money and how they think their children will react to money conversations.  Some parents don’t want their kids to know how much money they have, while others want them to know early on exactly how much they have.  Either way, parents can find great ideas to be sure to educate their kids so that they will be able to make good decisions when the time comes for them to manage their own finances.