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Tax Document Mailing Schedule Thumbnail

Tax Document Mailing Schedule

It is once again the time of year to begin preparing for tax filings. Pershing, a BNY Mellon company, provides tax reporting on our behalf. The mailing date of your Form 1099 depends on the types of holdings in your account. The following schedule will apply, although dates are subject to change:

Mailing PhaseScheduled DateMailing Event*
Phase 1January 31Form 1099 will be mailed for accounts with holdings and income that typically do not require reclassification or additional information from issuers. Generally, this includes accounts holding stocks, bonds, and options. *
Phase 2February 15

Form 1099 will be mailed for accounts holding mutual funds, certain unit investment trusts (UITs), real estate investment trusts (REITs) and certain equities, because the issuer provided its final tax information after the January 31 mailing was prepared. *

Pending 1099 Notices will be mailed for accounts where we are awaiting data from issuers or in cases where we have not completed processing and review of all information. The notice will list investments that are awaiting information from issuers or trustees or final review and will indicate the possible mail date of an investor’s 1099. This notice, which will be in eDocument Suite > Notifications, will be mailed when information is not finalized before the February 15 mailing is prepared.

Revision mailing for 1099s sent in Phase One, as required.

Phase 3February 28 * *

Form 1099 mailing will occur for accounts for which we can now include information that was previously pending income reclassifications from issuers of mutual funds, REITs and certain equities, because the issuer or trustee has provided Pershing with final tax information. Generally, this includes remaining mutual funds, REITs, and certain equities. *

Revision mailing for 1099s sent in Phases One and Two, as required.

Phase 4March 15 * *

Form 1099 mailing will occur for all remaining accounts, regardless of whether pending income reclassifications for the account’s income have been received from issuers. Generally, this includes accounts holding complex non-equity securities, such as real estate mortgage investment conduits (REMICs), widely held fixed investment trusts (WHFITs) and some UITs. 

Revision mailing for 1099s sent in all previous phases, as required.

*Holding only these types of securities does not guarantee that your clients’ tax statements will be mailed on the indicated dates** Pershing’s 30-day extension to the mailing requirement will accommodate these phases of the mailing.  

Important Reminder for Pershing’s 2023 IRS Form 1099 (B, DIV, INT, OID and MISC): As a reminder, by February 15, 2024, you will be mailed either your 1099 form or a special Pending 1099 Notice. The Pending 1099 Notice will be sent if issuers of securities you hold have not yet provided their final tax information. It will inform you of the securities that are pending final reporting and will provide the anticipated mail date of your 1099 form. Your 1099 will be mailed no later than March 15, 2024.