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You just met with a Financial Advisor for the first time. Now what?  Thumbnail

You just met with a Financial Advisor for the first time. Now what?

Your first meeting with a financial advisor marks an important milestone on your journey to financial security. During this meeting, you’ll learn the value of working with a professional to help you feel more confident and in control as you work towards achieving your financial goals. Read on to learn about the next steps proceeding your first meeting with a financial advisor. 

Gather all the documents

In preparation for your first meeting with a financial advisor, you were likely asked to bring in a list of important financial documents along with you. If you were not able to collect all these forms in preparation for that initial meeting, you’ll need to obtain the remaining documents if you choose to continue the process of working with the advisor. The advisor might also request that you bring in new additional pieces of information, such as a specific tax document, information about your benefits through your occupation, a legal plan, or disability insurance information.  When an advisor has all the necessary information, they have a more holistic view of where you currently stand financially. 

Reflect upon your options

Early interactions will allow the time for the advisor to get to know you and understand your personal financial vision. Through those initial appointments, the advisor gains valuable insight regarding your wants, needs, wishes and goals for the future. The more the advisor learns about your financial habits, the better the advice he or she will be able to provide. During this early stage of the developing relationship, it is the advisor’s job to educate you about your different opportunities and options, and essentially guide you to making the right decisions. You will be informed of recommended investment and planning strategies to meet your goals. Remember, our financial planning is never truly “done.” Life is constantly throwing curveballs at us; however, your advisor can help you build a financial foundation that can weather any situation. Each decision is ultimately yours. Reflect on the information and advice the advisor provided you and determine what options you are most comfortable with moving forward. 

At Archstone Financial, we are committed to providing you with the financial future you and your family has earned through effective financial planning and investment strategies. Still considering whether a financial advisor is the right fit for you? Read about the reasons many individuals seek out our professional experience.